May 01 , 2003 Enlightening up your day!
Creating Time...

Does it seem like you never have enough time to get everything done? Like the day just slips on by before you even know what hit you? It happens, but doesn't have to. We have plenty of time; more than we think we do. It's just that we have to work a little harder at finding it.

Ways to "Create" Time

Our days can get pretty fragmented. By grouping activities together you can shave off sizable chunks of time right away.

You can also do two things at once. An example would be to bring reading material with you to read while waiting on a line at the grocery store.

If you work on the most important stuff first, and run out of time, you might realize you don't need the other stuff anyway.

Fill in little gaps
Save the little tasks for the little moments you get throughout the day. Often, you just let those five minutes go to waste. Use them; they're yours and just as important as the hours.

If you find better ways to do things, even the little things, a minute here and there can really add up. Always ask yourself "can I do this a faster, easier way?"

By making lists and keeping everything in an easy to reach area, you'll save time by not losing time.

Perhaps you can do something else that accomplishes the same thing. Like buying a prepackaged bag of salad, instead of buying all the lettuce, tomatoes and other stuff you need to cut up your own.

Maybe you don't even need to do some stuff. Re-evaluate everything and see if you can do without it.

Can you settle for 95% of something you have 100% of now?

Can someone else do things for you?

Share the load
Maybe if you and another person share common tasks, it will get done quicker. For instance, if two women take turns bringing the kids to soccer practice; each one can get one afternoon off.

Get Intense
You might be able to get more time out by putting more intensity in. A workout might actually be better for you if it's intense. But think about folding laundry just a bit faster... you might be done with five minutes to spare.

Don't Procrastinate
That's just plainly wasting time. Don't do it.

The last squeeze
Sometimes if you need that extra five minutes here or there, you might just be able to get some time by getting up five minutes earlier to going to bed five minutes later. As tough or unpleasant as that seems, it might just be enough.

Value Your Time
In any case, whatever you do, value the time you have. Each moment is precious. Treat it as such. You don't get it back when it's gone so use it wisely.


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