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The Hair Days...
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What's the two most dangerous words to say to a gay hair dresser in Greenwich Village?

"Surprise me."

My head was someone elses's experiment. And when I think back to the days of New York, so much of it was defined by the Hair Du Jour.

  • Acorn Head - It began simple... just short back and sides, but the evolution eventually transformed it to closely shaved... then darkened... the came the long top... and the frosted highlights. I knew when I had gone to far, when a woman I knew said "I could recognize you from down the street with that hair!"

  • Blondie - I was in a play, so I started to leave the sides and back alone. Only trouble is, I was playing a jock, and he just seemed like a Blond to me. I discovered "Sun In" all by myself. It took them weeks to notice, but then the odd looks started. "Is your head getting lighter?"

  • Mullet Man - OK, yeah, I'll admit it... but EVERYONE was doing it. I think I was just feeling guilty for not letting the hair on the back of my head see the light of day for so long. This was the hair I took with me to Hollywood, where everyone thought I was Mark Linn-Baker from Perfect Strangers.

    You be the judge on that one :-)

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