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The Pull of Life...

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The Pull of Life

Whenever we find ourselves having to PUSH ourselves out of bed in the morning, to PUSH ourselves to work, then PUSH ourselves back home to someone waiting for us, we're living the wrong life.

Even though Life does take effort, PUSHING is not the direction to go. In fact, pushing either send us in a haphazard direction, or no direction at all. Have you ever tried to PUSH a dog leash?

Instead, let Life PULL you towards your dreams...

It's about PASSION
If it seems like the future is calling, that's because it comes from a very deep part of the soul. It's what we care about so much, that other things are paled in comparison. It's what we want our lives to be about; our legacy, if we could make it so.

It's about PURPOSE
By changing our focus from a PUSH to a PULL, each step will be purposely driven closer one-step-at-a-time. We're not distracted like pushing the shopping cart down the candy aisle, we stay focused on what we need and go straight for it.

Hurdles aren't roadblocks
Hurdles are still going to be there. That's just the way Life is. Yet, instead of PUSHING harder to get over them, or through them, it's better to keep our eyes on the goal, put our energy into RISING ABOVE the hurdle and let our dreams PULL us over.

Like a rubber band
Sometimes it's not going to be a constant pull either. In fact, there are times when it's best to stay put and prepare for the flight. Like a rubber band, let the tension build. The stronger the tension, the higher the flight.

Let go and fly
Then stop fighting it. Everything is in place. The pull is strong. The goal is set. Letting go will let it happen.

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