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Success is 90% Prep Find Yourself

Success is an expression, not an achievement. It’s the end result of a long series of successful events. It comes from having a successful idea to successfully executing step after step. It’s called “Preparation” and it’s the Doing that gets successful things Done.

Envision Success
Seems almost common sense, doesn’t it? But it’s amazing how many people actually don’t picture what success looks like. If we don’t know what it looks like, how will we know when we get there?

The original goal must survive
As we progress forward, typically something else comes along (or someone else throws in their own ideas) and we’re no longer on the path we started on. This derailment often ruins everything; and we end blaming everybody or ourselves. The thing is, we didn’t stay true to the idea that impassioned us in the first place. That’s the main killer of our dreams.

Every little bit helps
The real success is in the details. Every little bit must be a smaller picture of the whole thing. Did you know that if you take a hologram and break it into little pieces, it doesn’t show a small piece of the whole picture? It actually shows the whole picture, only smaller (It’s neat, check it out sometime). The same must be true of everything we do to support our goal. Each piece must reflect the whole thing; be true to the whole thing.

Plan Z
Things go wrong, because they can. Think through everything that could go wrong and have an idea of what to do if it happens. Don’t end with a Plan B either. Plan for Plan B to go wrong, and Plan C… and so on and so on.

Practice, practice, practice
Successful events just don’t happen. They arise out of a whole series of events before them. Weddings have rehearsals, presidential candidates go over their speeches; astronauts practice under water. Those are all ways of really preparing for success. They’re actually DOING success, but in a smaller way. Rehearsals... don’t head toward “Success” without them.

Don’t stop
A lot of people actually relax too early, or even stop just before success happens. When you see the finish line, that’s the time to “give it all you’ve got.” Winners cross that finish line and celebrate after.

Guru-cise it!


Pick an event that's coming up in the next few days. Keep it simple. Whether its a meeting at the office, or just dinner with friends doesn't matter, just as long as its something you'd like to go well.

Now, visualize it happening in your head... going really really well. Think about how it ends and all the things you accomplished by then. Now OUT LOUD, say some of the things you want to say... ACT OUT some of the things you want to see happen. Then go back and do it again... a couple of times, please.

Okay, you rehearsed... now on with the show!




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