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OK, so you bought your copy of The Secret, you watched it diligently and you started your visualization. Life is good. Then all of a sudden – bam! A downward spiral kicks in, everything goes wrong and you're right in the middle of a total mess. You're not sure what happened, but you suspect that it might be that little inkling of doubt… or that one moment of fear when you thought it might not be real, or…

Who cares?


What matters now is turning that stuff around and getting back to manifestation.

Here's what I did when it happened to me (yes, it happened to me, and very quickly I might add):

Visualized an airplane spinning downward out of control; then simply imagined it stopping and easing back into flight.

Be grateful for the bad times
Thank all the bad times for the lessons that it has taught. For one, it demonstrates the power of the Law of Attraction. Secondly, it gives us insight into our own thoughts and lastly, it shows us clearly what NOT to do next time.

Be grateful for the good times
There is another law known as the Law of Polarity, which states that there is an opposite for all that is. That means there is plenty to be happy about. Look around and really feel how lucky you are to have all that you do.

Get back to the future
Write it down, cut it out; see it clearly. Get back to what you DO want. Positive energy leads to positive results.

Calling for backup
By now you have friends who know The Secret and live it well. Turn to them for support. More than likely, like me, they've been through it themselves. Not only can they help you manifest the good times, they can manifest themselves into your brilliant future; giving you all the more power to turn your life around.



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