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The time has come

Starting in the 1960's (which is SO last millennium!) people's consciousness turned towards the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" a time when a new consciousness would be born. Every 2,000 years is an age, meaning that after you partied like it was 1999, the Age of Aquarius began.

The Law of Attraction is your power source for this new Age.


Oh Oh Oprah!

As many of you know by now, Oprah dedicated an entire show on The Secret on Feb 8th. We all know that woman knows how to manifest. The Secret is already a phenomenon, but now that shes told the world about the Law of Attraction, it's going to become a thread in every day society.

Are you ready for that?

People you don't know right now are going to need you tomorrow. They didn't know how to find you until they saw Oprah... but now they're tapping into the LOA and calling out to you.

Are your bags packed?

Do you have the tools and skills and knowledge to help others? To help yourself? Have you checked your schedule to make sure you can take on new exciting projects that you never even dreamed of (after all, it's not just about what we manifest for ourselves, but the role we play in the manifestation of another's dreams as well)

Are you ready for the journey?

It can be an amazing transformation if you're ready to receive. Remember step #3... Receive. Are you ready and willing? I know I am. To be ready, you need to be able to 1) stop doing what you're doing now, 2) start doing what you do best and 3) be comfortable leaving your comfort zone.

And remember...

You always have a choice

You are never obligated to be a part of a manifestation that doesn't enrich your life. The Law of Attraction is meant for all parties involved to experience the richness and joy that Life has to offer. Just because someone else is going to attract you into their life, you don't have to attract them into yours.


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