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I was talking to a friend recently about The Secret and she remarked "I wish people could use it for a more spiritual purpose." This got my thoughts going and is now manifesting into this article.

I have to admit that The Secret talks a lot about STUFF. Wanting stuff, buying stuff, finding someone to love so you can buy THEM stuff… finding good parking at the mall, where all the stuff is kept.


The message about attracting love and health can sometimes get lost. The Law of Attraction IS a spiritual law and it, along with the other Laws of the Universe, create the life you live. WHATEVER you want is attainable, no matter what label you put on it.

Here are some suggestions to help you manifest the Spiritual Path…

What does a 'spiritual' life look like? Is it more time to meditate? Going on a retreat? Growing your own veggies? Use the same techniques described in the movie, just don't put your hands on the wheel of your new car, put those hands in the Stream of Enlightenment.

Attract the lessons
In case you missed this one, listen up… We're here in life to learn lessons. We spend so much time wanting to learn them, and so much more time trying to avoid them. By attracting them to you and welcoming them in, you will grow spiritually so much faster than you've ever imagined ;-)

Attract the teachers
In case you missed this one too… there are over six billion people around you right now (It's not really a small world, just a crowded one). If you send out a signal to attract your one-in-a-million teachers, there're 6,000 of them that will be on their way.

So yes, Virginia, there is a Spiritual Clause… all you have to do is believe.


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