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It's the Law... and it Obeys You
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2006 was an amazing year; one of the most pivotal in my entire life. It was the time I not only became fully aware of the Law of Attraction, I learned how to live it on a daily basis.

While listening to a teleseminar I realized that I needed to be friends with all of the major motivational speakers; not just know them from a seminar, but actually be a part of their lives. I needed to be 'among them' if I were ever to live the same life as they were.


So when the chance came to be a co-author of "101 Great ways to Improve your Life" I jumped in. It not only put me alongside such greats as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Denis Waitley, it gave me an opportunity to introduce myself to the other authors in the book.

By mid-2006 I made another declaration. I realized that I had been spending my time with people who had a lot more questions than answers, and so I said "I will spend my time with people with more answers than questions."

Suddenly my life would never be the same.

I was invited by Gregory Scott Reid to one of his WISH conferences in San Diego. Driving down there slowly I had the chance to envision how successful this was going to be... the people I would meet; and how he would soon realize that he needed to have me speak at his next one. By the time I returned home that evening, I had a pocket full of business cards from some of the most amazing people, a head full of ideas and a message from Greg saying how impressed people were, and how I would be speaking at the next event.

Greg's mentor, John Assaraf, spoke about building wealth through the power of the mind, and mentioned a little movie he was in, called The Secret. I made sure to order my copy the next day.

I was always aware of the things they spoke about, but now I KNEW. Yes, it was a secret, a very powerful one... but it couldn't be that easy, could it?


When I was offered a chance to watch the filming of Greg's new movie, Pass it On (a follow up to The Secret) I followed my instinct... I offered to help.

When you serve others, your payback is abundance.

Greg gave me some of the greatest gifts just by allowing me the opportunity to serve him. I didn't get much time to watch the taping because I had the absolute pleasure of driving incredible people to the airport. One-on-one time with people who had more answers than questions.

They gave me great advice, some of which I was already doing, some of which I needed to hear again, and some new opportunities to challenge and excite me.

And now that I knew the secret, I declared that "I'm going to be IN that movie!" I didn't just visualize it, I told everyone else about it. I tried everything, subtlety... even a direct note to Greg. He said 'no' and I grew to respect him even more because of it. I knew that I had to EARN my place, and I told him "I will do whatever I have to to earn a place at your table." I knew how valuable that seat would be... and I knew I had to pay the price.

Then I started to show The Secret to groups of people. I'd talk about my program, DARE to be your BEST and how the Law of Attraction is incorporated into it. I'd take people through an exercise to start manifesting amazing results in people's lives. Sure enough, the phone calls came the next day with stories of landing the dream job three days later, or selling the product in stores or having that important person call them out of the blue. So I just knew I'd be IN that movie.

The Law of Attraction started to intensify. While helping out a friend at the Mind Body and Beyond Expo, I said "I'm going to speak at this conference!" I meant 'next year'. Barely 15 minutes later my phone rings... my friend is still stuck in traffic, I was going on for her in 15 minutes! "Um, what do I talk about?" I asked. "Talk about me, talk about you, talk about anything, I don't care... you're speaking at this conference!!!" Um, ok. It works.

As we'd go around the room after watching The Secret I declared that I'd be IN that movie... and "I'm going to John's house! I'm going to John's house!" (the one he envisioned in the movie). I had no idea how, but then the movie stresses that it's not my job to worry about the how.

In November, 2006, as I walked up the driveway of John's house, I knew that I was stepping into a phenomenon. Les Brown, Denis Waitley, CEOs of major corporations, Senators, Olympic Gold Medalists and world record holders were all in there filming a segment for Pass it On. I told myself "there's no way you can convince me that the Law does not work!" and "If I can do this, I can do anything!"

And so I served... and drove incredible people to the airport... and noted their advice.

At 7-11, before heading home for the evening, I ran into a woman I met at a previous taping. "You in the movie yet?" she asked. "Not yet," I replied, "but I will be."

The last day of shooting came and nearly went. I carreid lights, moved furniture, made another trip to the airport. I told the director of my intention and how important it was to 'close the circle.' I still had a glimmer of hope, even as waves of resolve passed through me.

"Well," he said after careful reflection, "if you can stay just two more hours I'll put you in as an extra."

Well, I did say, "I will be IN that movie" now didn't I? It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was exactly what I asked for.

And it really isn't about the destination anyway, right?

What an inspiring journey awaits!


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