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Humble Beginnings...
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Ram Find Yourself

"Even the mighty ram bows its head before the blow."

One of the strongest positions we can take as we begin something new is humility. 'Humble' not in a way of thinking less of yourself, but rather from the sincerest form of pride.

Be thankful
All too often, if it's something we already have, we don't seem to think very much of it. We don't appreciate it until it's gone. Other times, we can become boastful because we think it makes us better than everyone else. In all cases, we're blind. Taking just a moment to say "thank you" opens our eyes to the gift called Life.

Be honest with yourself
You may actually be the best in the world at something; or you might actually be the worst. After all, someone has to be, right? More than likely, though, it isn’t you. You're somewhere in the middle in the world scale… but that should never stop you from becoming the best that you can be. You're the only one in the world who can do THAT.

See the greatness in yourself
Don't you see it? I mean, look deep inside. Get away from all your opinions and the opinions of others. Look at that spark inside you. That's greatness. Look!!!

See the greatness in others
I always say that true humility doesn't come with seeing yourself as less than others, but rather seeing how great everyone else is AS WELL as you.

"Namaste" means "the spirit in me recognizes the spirit within you." There is no greater gift than to wholeheartedly acknowledge the existence of another.

Okay, maybe there is ONE thing that is greater than acknowledging another… it's LOVING them… unconditionally, without expectations or opinions.

The spirit in me loves the spirit in you. Nice.

Balance yourself out with greatness and you will have pride in what you do and who you are, without ego going off in a wrong direction.

It truly is a humbling experience.


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