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For most people “lose weight” is on the top of their resolution list of things to do; but for the many who are on some sort of low-carb, no sugar, gluten free, soy enriched, Atkins, South Beach, Grapefruit thing already, the holidays are disastrous.

Some people let the slip of the holidays turn them into “failures” and decide to just give up. Now, more than ever, is the time to buckle down (even if you can’t buckle up) and just be patient with yourself.

Consider it as an exception
Sometimes it’s the holidays, other times it’s birthdays, office parties, whatever the case; there are going to be times that you don’t follow a strict regiment. If you think of the slip as a Life Change, then it will become one. If you just get back to your healthy lifestyle, everything will be back in place in no time.

Don’t ruin the moment in hindsight
Why did you “cheat” anyway? Cause it was gooooooood, that’s why. So why look back now and ruin the enjoyment you had? Just leave it as a good memory, for those times you’re downing your eighth glass of water and no-carb, low-fat chocolate flavored breakfast bar.

You really don’t have to suffer for it now, you know?
A healthy lifestyle can be tasty and rewarding. There’re plenty of cookbooks out there, and more and more restaurants are catering to healthier eating. Cheating was so good because maybe what you’re doing now just tastes so bad? Find ways to really enjoy your life now, so you don’t have to have “cheating” … or at least not feel bad when you do.

Patience, in the long run, is its own gift
You’ve heard that patience is a virtue, but it is also its own reward. Becoming a patient person when it comes to your health will also help you become a more patient person in other areas of your life. Things just take time. Eating the corn stalks is not nearly as satisfying as eating the corn.

“Patience is gaining wait.”
~ Gurustu



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