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Commit, Don't Conflict

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Making our dreams a reality takes commitment, determination. Each of our actions must be sincere, full of integrity and in line with the intended outcome. However, all too often, something else comes up, with seemingly good intentions, that require the same type of commitment. Then, like two horses pulling in opposite directions, we get nowhere.

If it doesn't fit, it shouldn't conflict...


Know the outcome
It's important to focus on the end goal; not only to know what it is, but embrace it. See it, feel it, be it. If there's more than one, then serious choices have to be made. If they live in harmony, and enhance one another, great. Perhaps they can even be combined into a single vision. If however they contradict one another, then every action we take will be away from one or the other.

"What do I want?"

Measure everything
In every moment, we are met up with events. They may be good; they may be bad; they may go unnoticed... but to every moment there is an action, or a reaction. Something is happening... and that something is either helping to move us forward or it's not. Whenever a new event enters our life, it's important to check it up against our outcomes.

"Will this get me there?"

Don't commit
... to anything, or everything... at least until it's been measured. Nothing kills a dream quicker than a commitment to something else.

"Does it fit?"

Speaking of commitment, this is the right time to recommit to current goals. It's time to look around and see how it's been going, to determine what still needs to get done.

"Do I still want it?"

Follow through
Then all that's left is the doing. "Doing" is the only way to get things done.

"When am I going to make it happen?"
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