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We all know what it's like when things just don't seem to go our way. There's tension, confusion and frustration or boredom, exhaustion and depression. So much of our lives seem stuck in that mode... but, oh boy, when the opposite is true; when something is so right that it just seems to "click." What an amazing difference! All seems right with the world.


The trick is finding ways to make clicks happen all the time.

Don't stick with old habits
Old habits give us old results; old results only fool us into thinking it's clicking because we're comfortable with it.

Don't be fooled by familiarity.
Let it go
If something isn't working, ask if it's really needed at all. Closing the door on a bad thing leaves room to open good windows.

Letting go is letting in.
Seize the moment
When something clicks, recognize it quickly and make the most of an opportunity.

Races aren't won by those that hesitate.
Follow through
If something good is ever to come out of an opportunity, it needs action. Follow up every opportunity to make sure it becomes real.

Success is in the doing.

Never, ever take it for granted
We'll never know if this is our one and only opportunity. If we don't value it, we won't have a need to seize it and follow through.

Opportunity is only a gift that gives once we 'get it.'

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