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New Years

There's something magical about New Years. Maybe it's just the relief that the holidays are over, but the turning over the calendar just makes you feel like something new is starting. There's a sense of completion with the old year (whether it was good or bad) and the future just seems like a blank canvas, waiting for us to do something with it.

For some that strikes feelings of dread and fear; others it brings excitement. Before you know it though, you'll be into February with nothing to show for it; unless you take your opportunity now.

What is the subject of your painting?
Will you be attempting to capture something that is in front you? Or is there something inside you that you want to express? There're different approaches for each one, so knowing what it is you're after will set your direction for the year(s) to come.

What's it going to look like when you "capture" it?
Rembrandt and Picasso were both artists, but there's no mistaking that their styles were different. This question is about your style. It's not just about what you're after but about what it ultimately is going to be.

Who's it for?
Is what you want for other people? Or is it strictly for yourself; or some combination therein? Keeping your "audience" in mind during your pursuit will effect the decisions you make during the process.

What material do you have?
Just like an artist needs some paint and something to paint on, you're going to need "stuff" too. What is it you need? Do you have it already? Do you have to go get it first?

How long will it take?
That's up to you; you're the artist of your own life. You can paint feverishly to get it all done at once, or paint a little bit at a time. The important thing is not to rush or overdo it. If you mix too many paints together, it all gets muddy. The same with your life. Let some paint dry, mix some paint while it's still wet. Experiment!

What if I don't like it when I'm done?
Get another blank canvas.



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